Firelay workshop

Nitro boost your Liferay project

If you and your organization already have adopted Liferay but are in need of more in depth Liferay knowledge or independent advise, you can request Firelay to provide a workshop on these specific topics. Because you get to decide what topics are touched during the workshop you will learn how get the maximum out of your Liferay Portal quickly.

How we take off

  1. We call you to let you describe your specific situation and your specific questions
  2. Within two weeks our Liferay experts collect best practices applicable to your case
  3. Firelay's Liferay experts come to your premises
  4. During an interactive session we teach you how to solve the problems yourself

Firelay workshop example topics

  • How to setup Liferay deployment and release management within my organization
  • How to introduce Liferay in combination with Single sign-on to my organization
  • Motivation on which Liferay edition (Liferay Community Edition or Liferay Enterprise Edition) is most suitable in your case
  • Hardening Liferay infrastructures

Duration and Pricing

2 days - 1 day preparation and 1 day on-premises for €2.320,- (excl. VAT)

Information on workshops

If you like more information on our options for workshops, let us know and we will call you back.
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