Liferay Portal Admin Training

Short outline

Firelay's in-house developed Liferay Portal Administrator training provides you with the essential knowledge to configure and maintain your portal. 

Day 1 Day 2
• General Introduction
• My Account
• Basic Site Setup
• Web Content Management
• Functionalities
• Common Options
• Categorizations
• Sites, Templates and Staging
• Users and Organizations
• User Groups
• Roles & Permissions
• Portal Settings
• Control Panel: Portal
• Control Panel: Server
• Marketplace


Target audience

• editors who participated in Firelay's CMS Training
• webmasters that apply configuration changes
• starting Liferay developers


2 days


English (other languages on request)




• Hands-on - apply the things you learn right away
• Interactive - get answers to your specific questions
• Effective - learn which features are most important


By knowing exactly what can be done through configuration in Liferay Portal, attendees will learn to maintain a successful portal and make optimal use of Liferay's many features. They will be able to achieve results that one on forehand would have consulted a developer for.


€1,149.- (excl. VAT) per attendee