Video Tutorials

The Firelay Platform is quick and easy to use. Your Liferay Portal will be online in minutes and monitored 24x7 by our skilled Firemen and Fireladies. Using the Customers Portal you can manage not only your subscription, but more importantly you can manage your Liferay Portal. Check out the video tutorials below to so how quick and easy Firelay is.

How to launch a Liferay Portal in minutes with Firelay

This video tutorial will show you how you can get your Liferay Portal online in 5 minutes with the Firelay Platform. In just a few easy steps, your portal is up and running and you can continue with creating pages and content to customize your portal.

Managing plugins

Customize your Liferay by installing plugins like portlets, hooks and themes. This video tutorial explains how to install your own plugins and portlets from Marketplace.

Custom domains

Your Liferay portal is not truly your own until it can be reached at its very own domain. This video tutorial runs you through domain management via the Customer Portal.

SSL certificate management

We recommend using SSL certificates with a portal system like Liferay to encrypt data between servers and clients. How to manage SSL certificates is explained in this tutorial.

Adjust portal properties

Liferay's portal properties are very powerfull and using Firelay you can easily adjust and manage the portal properties while maintaining an overview of what properties differ from the default values.

Troubleshooting using logs

When customizing and running Liferay, especially using custom plugins, not everything will work as expected. Using the Customer Portal you can view the Liferay logs for troubleshooting.

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