We like to share our knowledge and experiences with customers and all kinds of Liferay Portal and hosting enthusiasts. That is one of the reasons why we are active in the Liferay Community and User Groups. Here you find a collection of presentations given by Firelay team members on various of these Liferay events. The subjects of these presentations range from best practices on hosting, integrations and Liferay Portal to our experiences during the development of the Firelay Platform and usage of technologies and systems.

Using Liferay Portal with LDAP and Single sign-on

Mar 28, 2013

This lightning talk, subtitled "How to connect your stuff" discusses the benefits of connecting a portal with an LDAP (like Active Directory) using a Single Sign-on server (like OpenAM). The presentation not only covers the benefits for end-users, like only having to authenticate once to access all connected systems, but also for system and application administrators and the rest of the organization, like central user management with authentication and permissions.

During the 5th Liferay Netherlands User Group event at March the 28th 2013 in Nieuwegein, Sander Bilo from the Firelay team (then still called Proteon) gave this presentation in the tech track. This event's presentations were divided into 2 separate, simultaneous tracks: the business track's talks mostly discussed case studies of Liferay implementations, where the technical track covered all kinds of highly technical subjects related to Liferay Portal.

Integrating the Firelay platform with Braintree payments

Mar 6, 2014

To handle recurring billing the Firelay Team has integrated Braintree Payments with the Firelay Platform. This makes sure everyone with a credit card can get a fully functional and online Liferay Portal within minutes automatically using the Firelay Platform without any kind of manual billing or processing.

At the 6th Liferay Netherlands User Group event of March the 6th 2014 Wieteke den Uijl, Firelay Platform Product Manager, presented about the experiences of the Firelay team during the process of integrating. The talk also discusses the architecture of the plaform: how the various elements of the platform communicate with each other.

Firelay - the development of a Liferay Managed Hosting Platform

Mar 28, 2013

It all started with the Firelay Platform. This talk, given at the LNLUG (Liferay Netherlands User Group) meeting of March 28th 2013 by Firelay's Product Manager Wieteke den Uijl, discusses the early days of the Firelay Platform: how and why we got the idea of the Firelay Platform and the challenges that come with it. As always, the balance between flexibility, needed for development, and stability, needed for performance and continuity, was (and still is) the main challenge for us. 

At the time of the presentation, the Firelay Platform was not even in the Beta testing phase and we had just realized the first fully automatic launch of a Liferay Portal via the Customer Portal.