Firelay partners with Red Hat to deliver Liferay DXP with OpenShift

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It’s official! Firelay partners with Red Hat to deliver Liferay DXP integrated with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. This means that Firelay now supports the complete lifecycle of Liferay DXP projects using container technology for container and on-premises installations. Benefits for our users include:  Firelay offers different Liferay Container Engine variations suited for every Liferay project. The Container Playground provides a … Read More

New faces of Firelay

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Oh, how a year flies by. Last year around this time, we were unpacking boxes and setting up our new office. We moved away from our location in Delft and said hello to the beautiful city of The Hague. Nowadays, we are fully settled in the building of Spaces The Hague. A building with a lot of history and great … Read More

Liferay Unconference talk: Log analysis solutions

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Here is another little summary of a Liferay Unconference openspace discussion held in Amsterdam on Wednesday October 4th. This one was organised around the topic of what log analysis software people are using and what experiences they have with them. Since quite a few people who did not make it to this discussion asked me on the following days what was discussed … Read More

Liferay Unconference: talks we attended and what we learned

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So, yesterday was the first (unofficial) day of Liferay DevCon. It was the day of the Unconference. The Liferay community came together one day before the big event to discuss several topics. Topics, that they proposed to talk about. Our DevOps Freark and Alwyn and Firelay’s general manager Lex attended. Here’s what they have talked about and what they have … Read More

Liferay Unconference talk: Firelay’s experience with Docker and Kubernetes

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This is a “little” summary of the Liferay Unconference openspace discussion with the topics of Docker and Kubernetes held in Amsterdam on Wednesday October 4th. Thanks to Arne and Lex for sending me their notes! We started off with a little introduction round where everyone said hi and mentioned if and what they are using docker for plus what their main questions … Read More

How to make many portals using the Firelay Cloud API

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In February 2014 we launched the Firelay PaaS platform. Since then, hundreds of new visitors come to our website every day and many Liferay portals are deployed on a daily basis. However.. conversion is not what we expected, or better stated: different than we expected. We found out that only a few registered users actually purchased a portal subscription. Nonetheless, … Read More

Firelay has a new website

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Firelay has a new website! It’s time to celebrate! After months of puzzling, designing and building we can proudly announce that our new Firelay website is up in the air. We’ve updated the information, improved the accessibility and added a chat function. Getting in touch with us has never been easier. But, that’s not all. Besides an entirely new look, we … Read More

Using Nginx load balancing for zero downtime on Liferay portals

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Using Nginx load balancing for zero downtime updates on high available Liferay portals Note: This post was first published in February 2015, but updated since then. High availability web applications are often touted as the solution for staying in business in the face of failing hardware. By having multiple instances of every critical component of your application stack, you can … Read More

Testing and Tuning Liferay Portals

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Quick wins in Liferay performance Note: This post was published in March 2015, but updated since then. On a usual Liferay instance you have a whole range of things that can be tuned to increase Liferay Portal’s performance, for example: tuning of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) startup parameters; tuning of the application server (e.g. Apache Tomcat) setup; tuning of the portal using Liferay’s properties; … Read More

Why we love Open Source

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Why we love Open Source At Firelay we work with a team of professionals who like puzzles and challenges. We prefer Open Source things with an API that live on the web. They should have a community of like-minded people all over the world to talk “nerd” with. Our closets are mostly filled with T-shirts from DevCons with the occasional suit and tie. This … Read More