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Join the conversation on all things Liferay, hosting and more at our blog. Here we discuss everything that on our mind during our work at Firelay, whether it's about technologies, development, architecture, Liferay best practices or community or just to share some thoughts on what we have experienced lately. And you comments are very welcome.

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We blog about all things Liferay and hosting

Documentation & Guides

Although we do our very best to make the Firelay Platform so easy you do not need explanation, we know this is somewhat impossible. That's where our guides and documentation come in. Our documentation is divided into subjects. Per subject a guide explains step by step what to do and how to do it. 

Documentation & Guides

Documentation and guides to help you on your way at the Firelay Platform

Github Repositories

At Firelay we use a lot of things created by others and given to the community to use for free, which part of the Open Source filosophy. And, like lots of Open Source enthusiasts, we believe in sharing and giving back to the community. The more people use our code, the more feedback we'll get and the better we can make our products and services. That's why we share all our Puppet modules, that we use on a daily basis, on Github for the whole world to use.

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We like to share our knowledge and experiences concerning hosting and Liferay with the world. We're even more curious to here experiences of others and learn from customers, integrators and developers. You can check out the presentations of various Firelay team members from Liferay community events and use them as inspiration.

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Share and learn - Firelay presentations

Video Tutorials

To show you how quick and easy Firelay and the Firelay Platform is, we have created some video tutorials. Every tutorials explains an aspect of Firelay to you in a few minutes, like how you can launch a Liferay using the Firelay Platform in minutes, how you can adjust portal and portlet properties and when and how to use the Liferay logs on the Firelay Platform to troubleshoot when your portal is performing as expected or your plugin is giving you troubles.

Video Tutorials

Check out our video tutorials to see how easy Firelay is

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