Worldwide Liferay Support

Reinforce your IT strategy with the effective and efficient support of our experts. 


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Adopting managed services is known to be an efficient way to stay up to date on technology, have access to necessary skills and address a range of issues related to cost, quality of service and risk. Since its inception, Firelay has provided managed services for on-premise installations. And if your IT infrastructure components are migrating to the cloud, Firelay provides setup and management services on public cloud services providers such as Amazon AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

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Firelay works with your IT

In 6 steps Firelay sets up your Liferay portal within the requirements of your IT strategy. Your IT service provider services the standard requests and Firelay sets up the Liferay portal. Our automated Puppet scripts will set up Liferay optimised for performance, maintenance and for monitoring and support.

We can provision production, acceptance, test and development environments. Additionally we offer continuous integration using Jenkins and self-service dashboards using RunDeck.

Expand your expertise

Use our knowledge and learn from our experts to optimise and control your Liferay portals.

Get Support

After setup, Firelay monitors the server and the application by checking for Liferay specific issues. We take action when something seems out the the ordinary. We offer a SLA concerning response time, uptime and RTO. Firelay’s managed services processes are ISO27001 certified.

So, what do we expect from you and what will we take care of?

  • Your IT department

    • Provision servers
    • Provision database
    • Set up networking
    • Backup & Restore
    • SLA monitoring
  • The Firelay team

    • Set up software
    • Set up clustering
    • Server monitoring
    • Application monitoring
    • Security updates
    • Preventive maintenance

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Shortest time to market, thanks to Firelay’s standard process and automated setup.

Fully operational transparency to your IT department

24×7 support anywhere in the world

Guaranteed qualified and experienced Liferay DevOps staff

All of Firelay’s managed services are ISO27001 certified

Follows your IT policies and infrastructure choices

No need to train your IT which will save you lots of time and money

No extra burden on your IT department

Lowest one-time (CAPEX) and recurring costs (OPEX)

Best setup by the certified Liferay Hosting Partner

Fully automated setup using Puppet

24×7 application monitoring

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One of the strengths of the Liferay’s Platform is the flexibility it gives our customers. Customers can opt to run their Liferay installations on premise or in the cloud. Several of our customers work with Firelay to implement their Liferay cloud strategy. Firelay delivers optimised Liferay environments in an instant and takes care of them 24×7. Regardless whether the project is delivered by a Liferay certified partner or the customer’s in-house development team, Firelay helps to deliver projects easier and faster.

Ruud Kluivers – Liferay