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Firelay PaaS (Platform as a Service) is a cloud platform especially designed for installing, hosting and managing Liferay Portal. It allows you to start your projects quickly and launch faster without the hassle of system administration.

Using our management interface you have access to all the tools necessary to manage and customize your portal, while it runs safely in our cloud. On your own application, we provide you with Administrator permissions, so you can configure and administer your application as you please.

With our PaaS we provide you with a Liferay optimized software stack, including Tomcat, Percona and Nginx, with daily backups, 24x7 support, monitoring and follow-up, updates and patches. In case you have questions or need help, our team of experts is standing by at our support desk.

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Launch your Liferay in minutes

Setting up a Liferay environment can be complex and time-consuming, maintaining it after installation even more. With the our Cloud platform you don't have to wait. Just a few clicks and your Liferay is online.

Just a few clicks to install and get your portal up and running in the Cloud

Lift-off! Liferay launched in the Cloud

Getting started is quick and easy. And best of all, you can try Firelay PaaS 15 days for free, no credit card required, no obligations.

Just sign up, access our Customer Portal and select your product, plan and Liferay edition and version. Your portal is automatically installed, up and running in a few minutes. You can then access your application at its own URL with your Administrator account.

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With PaaS we support multiple editions, products and plans

Dedicated and optimized for Liferay Portal

Firelay is Liferay dedicated hosting and support. Every Firelay on our platform is a dedicated, fully functional Liferay Portal hosted in its own Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on ISO27001 certified infrastructure in the Netherlands.

The full software stack consists of only Open source technologies: Ubuntu, Percona database (MySQL), Tomcat application server, Nginx web server. We support the Liferay Enterprise Edition (EE) and Community Edition (CE) on request.

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Control your portal and resources

You are in control of your budget, resources and Liferay application. Using our flexible monthly or yearly plans you can upgrade or downgrade anytime while your dashboard allows you to customize and manage your application.

Stay in control of your budget and resources

All our PaaS products come with monthly or yearly subscription plans. We do not charge any setup or installation fees. No matter how many plugins you run or how many users access your portal, we have a solution for you. You can start small and upgrade for more resources when you need it via our Support.

If Firelay PaaS does not suit your business's needs, our team can provide you with tailored solutions On-Premises or in the our Private Cloud.

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Control your portal, resources and your budget with our hosting plans and products

Automated management and customization

The management dashboard allows you to manage your application beyond the scope of an Administrator. The changes made to your portal configuration using this interface are applied to your application automatically and immediately. 

Adjusting portal properties, managing domains and SSL certificates, accessing log files and restarting the application server you can do without the help of a system administrator, next to customizing Liferay Portal with your own plugins or Marketplace to enhance functionality.

See PaaS documentation

Using our management interface you can manage properties, domains and logs

Relax while we guard your Liferay

Our hosting is way more than just installing a Liferay and connecting the server to the web. We believe the power of managed hosting is in keeping your Liferay running, not just in getting an application running. That means we not only take care of servers and operating systems, but of the entire stack including your application.

Sit back and relax while we guard your Liferay

Safe and sound with backups, patches and updates

Once your portal application is running in the our PaaS Cloud, you can sit back and relax. Your team does not need to spend hours on securing and hardening your systems, kernel updates and patching. We take care of all the system administration and keep your portals running and safe.

Released security patches are applied immediately on the entire software stack and regular updates on are performed on Liferay and all its dependencies. On our cloud platform we make daily backups with 7 days retention.

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The best support is having Firemen and Fireladies at your side 24x7

Support and monitoring by experts 24x7

We are always on call for all the apps running on our platform. We get pinged the minute something is up or down. Our platform and its apps are monitored 24x7x365 on all layers of the software stack. Events that threaten your application's stability are immediately followed up by our Firemen and Fireladies. 

We have support documentation and guides to get your team going or contact our Support Team by email for additional help from our seasoned DevOps team.

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