Firelay Enterprise: high performance Liferay managed hosting 
for business critical portals

Business critical portals require high performance, stability, security and need to run smoothly. This demands specialized expertise and 24x7 monitoring and dedication.

Firelay, the only official Liferay Hosting Service Partner based in Europe, offers Liferay managed hosting solutions tailored to your organization's needs, on our ISO27001 certified infrastructure in the Netherlands, On-Premises or as Platform as a Service.

Unlike generic hosting providers, we are specialized in Liferay and our services cover the full software stack. In the past year we have installed over 600 portals and kept them running safely for customers such as Domino's Pizza, KPMG and Office of National Statistics.

With our standardized processes and automated infrastructure your releases are deployed smoothly without downtime. Our DTAP street with continuous integration helps catch development or performance issues early to ensure optimal performance when your application is live.

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Customized to suit your business goals

Liferay Portal can be applied for many purposes and in many ways. No business is the same and this influences the requirements for your environment's setup, configuration, performance and supporting services.

Tailored environments and configurations that suit your business goals

Hosting configurations tailored to your specific needs

Our predefined hosting configuration modules are suitable for most situations. Special configuration requirements include the usage of different technologies, clustered setups or 3rd party integrations.

Customizations are also possible in resource sizes, like storage, traffic and domains. Next to that we have several Service Level Agreements to suit your needs for response and uptime. We offer additional monitoring and statistics on request.

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Full life-cycle service: we support your application from intake to end-of-life

Full life-cycle service for maximum and longterm performance

Our hosting services cover everything necessary to keep your Liferay Portal running for the full life-cycle of your application. At the start our experts work with you to design a cost-effective hosting setup that best fits your needs and budget. 

During development we assist developers with release deployments, a DTAP street and continuous integration. With Puppet for configuration management we easily maintain and adjust your configuration using automation. We support lasting applications with performance tuning, vertical or horizontal scaling and upgrades.

Security and support by Liferay experts

By hardening our systems continuously we make sure your application is safe. Our support team of experts is standing by 24x7 to monitor your application and help you with your Liferay Portal.

Private Cloud with access control for security

The Firelay Private Cloud consists of fully firewalled ISO27001 certified infrastructure in the Netherlands and not subject to the Patriot Act. If needed, we customize access using IP restrictions or firewalling specifc ports. 

Securing your application and data is of the highest importance to us. We keep backups with 2 months retention or more including off-site backup. Updates for the full Liferay software stack to minimize vulnerabilities are performed regularly and security patches are applied immediately upon release. 

Security for your portal includes firewalling, system hardening, updates, patches, backups and more

24x7x365 Monitoring, follow-up and support

Online business happens 24x7x365 and worldwide meaning your application does not stick to any 9 to 5 schedule. So we don't either. 1000s of monitoring checks are performed on all levels of the software application stack including 3rd party services every 5 minutes. On every bleep our team follows up immediately. 

You can always call or email our Support Desk to get help from our team of Liferay and hosting experts with up to same business day response even on non-critical issues.

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Firelay systems monitor your application 24x7 and our people are always present to follow-up

Liferay hosting On-Premises or in our Private Cloud

Combine our services with infrastructure of your choosing, as long as we can maintain a secure connection we manage your Liferay hosting configuration. In the same manner we integrate with 3rd party systems and connections.

We can maintain your application On-Premise, in our Private Cloud or on our PaaS

Infrastructure independant managed hosting services

We provide our tailored Liferay hosting services with or without the bare metal, on any infrastructure provider. With our On-Premises solution you use your own infrastructure or choose the data center that best meets your needs.

With a secure connection the On-Premises solution includes all the Firelay Enterprise hosting services:

Customize your application with integrations, single sign-on and plugins

Customize with integrations & plugins without losing performance

Liferay comes with a lot of out-of-the-box functionality, but that might not be enough for your situation. In customizing your portal application implementation with plugins, we support developers in optimizing performance for demanding services by testing, monitoring and tuning.

We include monitoring on integration connections with 3rd party systems or back-end systems (e.g. Solr). We provide a Liferay Single Sign-on for easy usage for your end-users.

More on Firelay Single Sign-on

Eliminate single points of failure with clusters and automated deployments

To eliminate single points of failure, we cluster your Liferay setup according to your specific needs for high availability and data reliability. With continuous integrations, a DTAP street and automation, we can detect failures early, making production deployments predictable and with limited or no downtime.

Redundant clusters for high availability

For high availability and high volume portals we provide custom clustered solutions. Redundant database clustering with multi-master replication with Percona (MySQL) ensures your data is always available and safe. Clustering the application layer with Liferay Portal and Tomcat including load balancing guarantees uptime.

We combine clustering with caching to optimize performance and handle 10.000's of concurrent users and requests. If necessary we scale up temporarily if you expect high traffic or peak loads.

High performance and high availability with a redundant clustered setup

Reliable Deployments with CI, DTAP and automation

Deploying new code releases cause no or hardly any downtime. By separating code and configuration we standardize releases. Using Puppet for server and application configuration, we automate release deployments.

We believe in the 'test early, test often' principle and empower development teams by providing Continuous Integration using Jenkins to build and test code automatically. Combined with a DTAP infrastructure where all environments have equal configurations, CI reduces the risk of issues on live environments. 

We have experience with the same tools as your developers, like GIT, SVN, Maven, Ant, Nexus and more. To ensure reliable deployments and smoothly running portals close cooperation with developers is essential.

Continuous integration with Jenkins and a DTAP street to smoothly deploy releases

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