Rapid innovation thanks to the flexibility and the resilience of Kubernetes and OpenShift. 


Kubernetes and OpenShift
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Liferay Kubernetes Engine is based on the best practises of Kubernetes and powered by OpenShift. OpenShift is by default built with top-level developer tools, Enterpise Linux, monitoring, autoscaling and more. With Liferay Kubernetes Engine developers are free to choose any language or platform to work with. There is no vendor lock-in. On top of that you can choose wether you want to configure the platform yourself or let us do it for you. Find the best solution for your use case. 

Red Hat OpenShift uses Kubernetes to make Docker suitable for production sites. Firelay’s Liferay Kubernetes Engine integrates OpenShift with Liferay DXP offering:

  • Automatic Rolling Deployments: OpenShift is automatically deployed on one server. When this is successful, it is deployed on the next and ongoing such that downtime is minimised or zero;
  • Automatic Failover: when a portal crashes or is ‘unhealthy’ an new one is spun up automatically;
  • Automatic Scaling: when load is high, a new portal is spun up automatically to distribute the load (depending on Liferay licensing).

But, there are many more features to Firelay’s Liferay Kubernetes Engine that make development, deployment and managing your environments easier than ever. 

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The standard solution for the Liferay Kubernetes Engine is based on a single production Liferay server. You can use all the features the platform offers by default, but the offered uptime is 99,5%.

High Availability

For projects that rely on high availability and an uptime of 99,9% we developed the High Availability solution. Work with all the features the standard solution offers.


After 20 years of experience, we know that some use cases require an on-site infrastructure. With Liferay Kubernetes Engine on-premises all your environments will run on the infrastructure of your choice.


Our custom solutions gives developers more control over their Kubernetes Engine. Configure the scaling and monitoring yourself and choose from various support levels.

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Basic features 

  • On demand acceptance and test environments

  • MySQL, Postgres or MariaDB database

  • 24×7 Kubernetes monitoring and pro-active support

  • Hosted in Europe

  • Secure log and shell access

  • EFK Log Analysis option

  • Optimised for Liferay 7.0, 7.1 and DXP

  • Powered by Red Hat OpenShift

  • High Availability Kubernetes Cluster

  • ISO 27001 certified data security

  • User-friendly web GUI

  • Command line and API access

  • Liferay monitoring and pro-active support

  • Security updates

  • Automated RTO of less than 15 minutes

  • Jenkins Continuous Integration

  • Sonarqube option

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“This is excellent news for Liferay DXP customers. With OpenShift and Firelay’s expertise, the Time To Value for Liferay DXP projects will be hard to beat. Customers can focus on their innovation and be sure infrastructure and deployment is taken care of”.
Ruud Kluivers – General Manager Liferay Benelux