Get the help you need to host your new or existing Liferay setup with Firelay’s Liferay hosting consultancy.


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Not sure how to setup and manage Liferay, optimise your portal or what hosting solutions you need? Firelay deals with technically complex projects that focus on stability, speed and security on a daily basis.

If your site needs technical overhaul for stability, speed and security our experts can work on the recommendations together with you. Use our techniques, assets and experience to efficiently optimise your portal. Learn from us and with us.


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  • For new customers, we execute this in a two day mission:

    • On the first day our experts come on-site to research your situation;
    • We create a proposal for recommendations to resolve your issues;
    • Optionally we are available to execute these recommendations for or with you.
  • For existing customers we can handle more complex scenarios:

    • We have an online meeting to let you describe your specific situation and your specific questions;
    • Our Liferay experts collect best practices applicable to your case;
    • Firelay’s Liferay experts come to your premises;
    • During an interactive session we guide you through solving the problems yourself.
Find out how we can help you

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Running a portal smoothly in the cloud, it sounds so easy. In reality there is a lot more to it than just ‘running’ it. Problems many companies face are portals that crash or run slow and not being sure what condition their infrastructure is in. Besides, do you even know when your Liferay was last updated?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. As a specialist in all aspects of running Liferay, Firelay deals with these questions every day: from stability to performance; from security reviews to load tests; and from updates to cloud migrations.

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Among others Firelay has offered consultancy about:

  • How to setup Liferay deployment and release management within an organization;
  • How to introduce Liferay in combination with Single Sign-On;
  • Motivation on which Liferay edition (Liferay Community Edition or Liferay Enterprise Edition) is most suitable for your project;
  • Analyse and solve your portal’s instability and performance issues;
  • Improve and optimize your Liferay infrastructures.

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“The Council of Europe has been relying on the technical expertise of Firelay to assess the Liferay servers and websites and provide recommendation and guidance in order to streamline processes, gaining higher availability for our environments and cost saving options. The Council of Europe is very happy with the high level of expertise Firelay could demonstrate in understanding our technical needs and in proposing ad-hoc solutions in terms of scalability, flexibility, performance and stability for our systems.”
Tanguy Thomas – Council of Europe