Stop wasting time and money. Run your Liferay in Firelay’s Liferay Cloud. 


Liferay Cloud hosting
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Spending time on server setup and management, compliance and security? Managing your portal can be a though and time-consuming task. However, with Firelay’s Liferay Cloud not anymore. Transform the way you manage your Liferay portal by spending less time on IT and focussing on your core business. The experts from Firelay will take care of the rest.

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But why should your Liferay be in the cloud? The cloud is known for its flexibility, redundancy and availability. Whether your visitors number increase exponentially or you need to expand your portal, the cloud can scale with your needs anytime. Learn more about the benefits and features of the Liferay Cloud below.

Azure | AWS | GCE
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For organisations who have standardised on a cloud provider such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Engine, Firelay offers Liferay managed services on public cloud. Please see our Public Cloud offering.

Liferay on Public Cloud
Architecture options
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Depending on your needs, Firelay offers Liferay Cloud in various single server or clustered hosting architectures:

  • Serious: Our standard offering is based on a single production Liferay server. When combined with our highly available database service this setup is suitable for Liferay usage with an uptime of 99,5%.
  • Critical: For mission-critical applications we offer a highly available Liferay setup. For high-availability we configure a cluster with 1 production Liferay server and 1 backup Liferay server. When the production (or “live”) Liferay server is down, then the backup server automatically takes over and the service continues to run uninterruptedly. For higher loads we can extend the number of production Liferay servers. Our Critical setup has a guaranteed uptime of 99,8%.
  • Custom: A Custom setup allows you to scale the compute resources yourself and you can choose various support options.
  • Cluster: Upon request we can offer a load-balanced cluster with 2 (or more) production Liferay servers. A cluster can handle 2x higher loads (or more) and offers some level of high-availability. This architecture offers extra capacity for peak loads or high-availability during standard, non-peak loads. This setup has an uptime of 99,2% during peak loads and an uptime of 99,8% during non-peak loads.

Our Liferay setups are managed and orchestrated automatically using Puppet. All architectures are available in different sizes and configurations, please see our pricing page for more details.

More details and pricing
Benefits and features of Liferay Cloud
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  • Certified solutions

    Firelay is awarded with Liferay Hosting Partner and ISO27001 certifications.

  • GDPR compliance

    All your data will be handled according to the European General Data Protection Regulation.

  • 24x7 support

    Firelay Support will always be there to get you through the day.

  • Optimal scalability

    When your portal grows, the cloud grows with you.

  • Self Service portal

    There’s no need to wait on anyone. With the Firelay Self Service portal you can do it yourself.

  • Automatic disaster recovery

    When things don’t go right, turn left. We got your back (up).

  • Highest uptime and stability

    Run your Liferay portal smoothly and stable in the Cloud.

  • No CAPEX and low OPEX

    Do not invest in infrastructure, it is a commodity: just use IT.

  • Fastest time to market

    No need to wait for tedious installations or training. Order and go!

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For Finalist, reliable hosting is very important. As a software development company we focus ourselves on adding value on top of Liferay, so it’s great to be able to keep Liferay itself in hands of the knowledgeable people at Firelay and know it’s being run properly and securely thanks to their ISO27001 certified processes. Deployments, configuration, patching etc. is all done carefully and promptly, and we always can contact the tech guys directly via chat, which is great!
Geert van der Ploeg – Finalist