Meet the team:
The Fireladies and Firemen that make Firelay great!

Working from our base of operations in Den Haag, these are the men and women that support you in your Liferay journey; whether it is helping you in deciding if Liferay is a good fit for you, providing training so you and your organization can improve your skills, making sure your portal keeps working or standing by 24x7 if there is trouble.

Team member Sven Aggenbach

Sven Aggenbach

Director of Operations, Trainer

Team member Simon Smit

Simon Smit


Team member Mart Visser

Mart Visser


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Team member Juan Ramón Paniagua

Juan Ramón Paniagua


Team member Lex van Sonderen

Lex van Sonderen

General Manager
+31 6 4560 8868

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Team member Emma Haasnoot

Emma Haasnoot

Sales & Marketing Assistant

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Team member Freark van der Bos

Freark van der Bos

Señor DevOp

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Team member Mariken Tonis

Mariken Tonis

Finance & Control

Team member Alwyn Kik

Alwyn Kik



About our team

We are a small group with all different backgrounds. Together we do everything concerning Firelay: from marketing, sales and finance to support, development and maintenance of our platform, training and system administration. Within the team, no one's activities are limited to just one of these things. We all pitch in on all fronts. As a result we value:

Teamwork and collaboration

As a small team responsible for many things, we work closely together, efficiently and effectively. We have a very open communication culture, so everyone can point out areas of improvement or come up with new ideas.

Since no two organizations are the same, we prefer to collaborate closely with our customers on a personal basis, so we can provide them with the best solution. 

Continuous improvement

Since businesses and technologies are continuously changing, we need to adapt and improve continuously too. Firelay team members are always searching for new tools or technologies to improve our processes and solutions.

All team members enroll in training or courses on subjects of their own choosing every year, to extend their personal skills and bring back new impulses to share with the group. 

DevOps and automation

Our entire business is a mix of operations and development and priorities change even during the day. Therefore working agile suits us best and we have adopted Scrum in 2010.

We even go beyond that to manage and maintain all environments of our customers applying DevOps principles. Besides developing agile, we use automation and configuration management tools like Puppet to strive towards continuous delivery for our Firelay platform. 

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