Firelay is all about Liferay and hosting: supporting both businesses and developers to get the most out of their portals.

Firelay is the first and only Europe based certified Liferay Hosting Service Partner. We believe in Liferay Portal as a product, its possibilities and its future. Our history taught us, it takes lots of time and effort to gain the expertise necessary to run Liferay Portal smoothly and safely during its entire life-cycle.

We focus solely on Liferay Portal, because we believe it is the only way to master the skills necessary to be the best Liferay hosting provider and to provide our customers with the best solutions and service.

Official Liferay Hosting Service Partner

Who we are

At Firelay we work with a team of professionals who like puzzles and challenges. We prefer Open Source things with an API that live on the web, with a community of like-minded people all over the world to talk "nerd" with. Our closets are mostly filled with T-shirts from DevCons with the occasional suit and tie. We are informal and geeky professionals in a mainly corporate world.

Our challenge

What most consider to be tedious, tucked away in the background but necessary, is always on our mind and what we excel at: Liferay managed hosting. We disentangle this ever evolving puzzle and make it look easy. Making the world of managed hosting accessible to our customers so they can have the best, smoothly running Liferay portals for their businesses, is our neverending challenge 24x7x365

Are you the next Fireman or Firelady?

About Proteon

The company behind Firelay

Starting out as a software development company in 1995, Proteon always had a strong focus on Open Source software. Because of the demand from our customers to host and maintain their applications we have moved away from software development towards system administration, while never loosing our Open Source focus.

Managed Hosting

At Proteon we found managed hosting to be the thing we like most and excel at. Using our development background, we know how to cooperate with developers to increase the reliability, the stability and safety of web applications. Proteon does this successfully for a lot of customers including Dutch beer brewer Bavaria, Cofely GDF Suez and Kluwer.

After almost 20 years, Proteon is still standing strong and more focussed than ever, with Firelay as one of the successful results.

Proteon website

Community support

The best results come from cooperation. That is what we believe in. We like to share our knowledge and to learn from others, therefore we contribute to the Liferay community as much as we can.

Liferay Netherlands User Group

Firelay was among the first companies to organize and host Liferay Community events in the Netherlands. We have sponsored and helped to organize all Liferay Netherlands User Group events ever since. We are proud to support Liferay's growth in the Netherlands this way.

LNLUG website

Liferay Patchers Community

The Patchers Community is a group of people improving the Liferay Portal Community Edition by applying available patches to it and making them available to everyone. Firelay has provided the community with hosting for free to help them organize the community. 

Our People


Small and fierce, our team of Firemen and Fireladies has all the knowledge to support you and your Liferay portals because we do everything in-house from marketing to 24x7x365 support. 

Meet the Team



Want to join the our team? If words like Java, Hosting, Liferay, Puppet and DevOps get you going, then Firelay might be a fit for you. See what job openings are available at the moment.

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